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Oaxaca loves its fiestas and celebrates them every month! Here at Cafe Oaxaca we celebrate right along with them with special drinks and meals, decorations and costumes!
The dates changes slightly from year to year. Here are just a few of these special days:

HOLY WEEK: The week preceding Easter is a time of specially decorated churches and many religious festivities. On Thursday everyone
prays in seven different churches. Good Friday is celebrated with solemn impressiveness in the city as well as in the villages.

July -- Guelaguetza: Folk dancing in fabulous costumes on two Mondays, with a whole week of folk art exhibits and colorful festivities in

November 1-4 -- Day of the Dead: Special decorations in the markets. Solemn observances in the cemeteries.

December 16- 24 -- Calendas: Church Processions with people walking through the streets behind floats, singing and dancing and
carrying faroles (candle-lit paper lanterns) all night.

December 23 -- Day of The Radishes: Not to be missed! A huge fiesta at the Zocalo, with exhibits of radishes dressed up and
decorated in amazing ways!