Especial: the one that made us famous...white tequila, curacao, fresh
lime juice
and a hint of orange...a must try $4.50
Mexicana: for the purist...white tequila, curacao, fresh lime....all
business $4.50
Golden Grito: same as above bu twith El Grito, 100% Blue Agave"Gold",
aged for mixing…$6.50
Apasionado: a unique twist on the traditional margarita...tequila,
curacao, fresh lime,
a touch of orange and passionfruit $5.00
Strawberry: strawberries soaked in port wine and blended with white
triple sec & ice…$6.00

Domestic Imported
Rolling Rock $2.50 Corona $3.25 Negra Modelo $3.50
Yuengling Porter $3.00 Corona lite $3.25 Bohemia $3.50
Dos Equis $3.25 Pacifico $3.25
Non-Alchoholic Dos Equis Tecate
Kaliber $3.00
Special Lager
$3.25 Carta Blanca $3.25

Wines by the Glass

Whites Reds
Fetzer Sundial Chardonnay $5.50 Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvignon $5.50
Woodbridge Sauvignon Blanc $5.50 Walnut Crest Merlot $5.50
Glen Elen White Zinfandel $5.50
*ask your server about our additional selections*


Classic Sangria: sweet and spicy blend of red wine, clove, cinnamon,
allspice, brandy, lemon, lime and orange $4.75 per glass $16.50 per

Summer Sangria: seasonal summer fruits macerated in tequila and sugar
added to white wine with touch of seltzer to give it that light finish
$6.00 per glass $19.00 per pitcher

Pablotini: tangy sweet and HOT! Cuervo Gold Tequila, Gran Torres Orange
Liquer, a splash of Roses’ Lime, fresh lime zest and a fiery habenero
not for the meek! $6.00

Mexi Maria: our version of the Bloody Mary made with fresh tomatoes,
serrano and habenero chilis, and lots of cilantro....with vodka or try
it with tequila $4.50

Cruzan Coolers: fruit flavored rums mixed with Zócalo’s tropical juice
blend $6.00


Virgin Margarita: $3.50 Virgin Apasionado: $4.00
Virgin Mexi Maria: $3.25 San Pelligrino: $2.00

Fruit Sparklers: papaya, pineapple, sunrise,
grapefruit, passionfruit or guava $2.50