traditional dishes from the corn kitchen

Enchiladas Verdes de Pollo
Three chicken enchiladas: handmade tortillas filled with shredded chicken
in tangy green tomatillo sauce dazzled with fresco cheese, red chile sauce
and crema - with refried black beans $16.

*Enchiladas Chiltomates de Espinacas
Three spinach enchiladas: handmade tortillas filled with sauté spinach and
fresco cheese in spicy smoked jalapeno tomato sauce; garnished with crema -
with refried pinto beans $15.

*Enchiladas Amarillas de queso de los Legumbres
Three cheeses and grilled vegetable enchiladas topped with spicy yellow
mole sauce - with refried pinto beans and shredded lettuce. $16.

Tostada Compuesta de Pollo
Layered chicken tostada with refried black beans and pinto beans, chihuahua
and fresco cheeses, red and green salsas, shredded lettuce and sour cream

*Tostada Vegetariano
Layered vegetarian tostada as above plus seasonal vegetables $12.

Tacos de Pollo Asado
Achiote-marinated grilled chicken tacos - wrap in handmade corn tortillas
with shredded lettuce, salsa verde and fresh tomato salsa cruda - with
refried black beans $16.

Tacos Triopicales de Cerdo Deshebrado
Shredded pork in savory pineapple - chile sauce - to wrap in handmade corn
tortillas with tangy salsa verde with refried black beans and shredded
lettuce $17.

Seafood, Poultry and Meat

Camarones de Infierno! Shrimp from Hell!
Copied elsewhere, an original Zòcalo creation - sweet, tender Gulf shrimp,
sauté head and tail on, in a fiendishly spicy three-chile tomato butter
sauce - with rice timbale and vegetable medley $19.

Salmon con Pesto Mexicana
Atlantic farm raised salmon lightly seared and topped with spicy garlicky
cilantro pesto - with mashed potatoes and seasoned vegetables $19.

Cordero en Guajillo Sauce
Whole lamb shank braised tender and served in a bold and spicy guajillo
chile sauce; served with a mexican tian $18.

Mixiotes de Pato
Slow braised duck in an ancho sauce served as a classic dish wrapped and
baked in parchment paper; served with pozole verde $17.

Carne Asada con Enchilada
Steak & enchilada: marinated grilled strip steak and cheese enchilada in a
light ranchera tomato sauce with poblano chile rajas and refried black
beans $19.

Sides and Accents

*house salad with smoked tomato vinaigrette $5. *guacamole $MKT
*rice timbale $2. sour cream $1. *mushrooms $2.
refried black beans $3. *refried pinto beans $3. Mashed potatoes $3.
*salsa $3.