Margarita Cake
light vanilla spongecake layered with tart refreshing lime mousse
and topped with candied lime slice ...$6

Kahlua Flan Tart
rich espresso custard in a chocolate almond crumb crust topped with
whipped cream and almond praline crunchies ...$6

Castillo El Rey
a rich chocolate layered pyramid with strawberry creme anglaise ...$6

Classic Flan
smooth vanilla custard with bittersweet caramel ...$4.50

Chocolate Cactus
a rich chocolate brownie in the shape of a cactus served with
coffee ice cream and homemade raspberry sauce ...$5.50

Arroz Con Leche
classic raisin-studded Mexican rice pudding flavored with cinnamon,
and served in a crisp buñuelo with drizzled apricot sauce ...$4.75

Zócalo Sorbets and Ice Creams
seasonal sorbets or ice creams ...$4.75

"Cafe de olla"
a traditional blend of strong coffee flavored with
Mexican brown sugar and cinnamon sticks
(sorry only caffeinated) ...$2.50

Cappuccino, Espresso & flavored coffees also available !!!