Cafe Menu

Coctel de Camarones
Mexican shrimp cocktail: sweet gulf shrimp in a spicy Mexican cocktail


Ancho Relleno
Stuffed ancho chile filled with sweet and savory pork picadillo,
served with roasted tomato sauce…$8.

Flautas de Pollo
chicken flautas: crispy, cigar shaped chicken tacos with pasilla

Sopes Surtidos
assorted sopes: three crisp corn masa cups filled with tomatillo chicken
sour cream; black bean, salsa and cheese; chiltomate shrimp and avocado

Sopes Vegetariano
three vegetarian sopes with vegetarian refried pinto beans
and assorted toppings…$7.

Tikin Xic Pescado
fish kabob: grilled skewered fish in Mayan marinade…$6.

Queso Fundido Norteno
fundido: cheese and chiles broiled ‘till brown and bubbly –
to be scooped into flour tortillas…$6.
mushroom fundido…$7.
chorizo sausage fundido...$7.

Fundido Oaxaqueno
oaxacan fundido: creamy string cheese melted in a pool of
tangy tomatillo sauce served with corn tortillas…$8.

Chalupa con Langostinos
Crawfish Chalupas: a crispy masa "boat" filled with crawfish salad…$9.

Ravioli Mexicano
Five pork –filled dumplings in a light & spicy orange-ancho chile

Zócalo"s Zesty Chips
seasoned with chile powder, drizzled with lime & salt…$6.

Los Tres Salsas
Salsa Trio: fresh tomato salsa cruda, tangy salsa Verde
and Pasilla chile salsa…$6.

Zocalo’s award-winning Guacamole!
a whole ripe avocado prepared fresh with classic seasonings
–with handmade tortillas and chips…MKT Price

pre-Colombian pumpkinseed dip with tomatoes and habanero chiles
–with chips…$7.

a volcano of refried black beans and shredded chicken baked with melted
cheese then topped with fresh salsa cruda and sour cream -with chips to
…for two or more…$8. …for one…$6.75

Volcan Vegetariano
a vegetarian volcano of refried pinto beans baked with melted cheese
then topped with salsa cruda, salsa verde and sour cream –with chips to
…for two or more…$8. …for one…$6.75

Quesadilla Del Dia
a large flour tortilla filled with the chef’s selection of the day...MKT

Ensalada Primavera
Springtime salad of asparagus, new potatoes and roasted beets
in a creamy poblano dressing…$9.

Ensalada al Hongos Selvaticos
Mushroom salad: a medley of woodland mushrooms sautéed with scallion and
fresh mint on spring greens with creamy garlic dressing…$8.