Appetizers to Share

Begin your meal with one of these Zocalo classics! Each serves two or

Salpicon de los Dos Pescados
A savory sauté of salmon and swordfish salpicon-style with tomatoes,
capers and Veracruz seasoning $7.

Ceviche de Atun
Sashimi quality tuna cooked by citrus marination; then tossed with salsa
cruda,salsa verde and garnished with candied lime zest $9.

 Budin de Ostra
Sauté oysters and roasted poblano in a rich and creamy sauce;
topped with tortilla crumbs then baked $9.

*Ensalada al Hongos Selvaticos
Mushroom salad: a medley of woodland mushrooms sautéed with scallion and
fresh mint on autumn greens with creamy garlic dressing $8.

Chalupa de Pato
boat shaped crispy corn masa filled with slow braised duck in a rich ancho
sauce; topped with sour cream, cilantro pesto and red bell confetti $7.

 Sopes Surtidos
Assorted sopes: two crispy corn masa cups filled with tomatillo chicken
with sour cream; black beans, cheese, salsa and sauté mushroom in red
chile sauce $7.

*Sopes Vegetarianos
Two vegetarian sopes with vegetarian refried pinto beans and assorted
toppings $6.

 Raviolis de Pollo con Salsa de Chile Poblano
Pasta ravioli with cheese and chicken in a spicy broth of
roasted tomatoes and poblano chiles $7.

 *Relleno de Queso Cabra
Whole roasted poblano chile stuffed with herbed goat cheese;
served in a smooth tomato orange sauce $8.

A volcano of refried black beans and shredded chicken baked with melted
cheese then topped with fresh tomato salsa cruda and sour cream - with
tortilla chips to dip $8.

*Volcan Vegetariano
A vegetarian volcano of refried pinto beans baked with melted cheese then
topped with fresh tomato salsa cruda, tangy salsa verde and sour cream -
with chips to dip $8.

Pre-Columbian pumpkinseed dip with tomatoes and habanero chiles -
with chips to dip $7.

*Los Tres Salsas
salsa trio: fresh tomato salsa cruda, tangy tomatillo salsa verde, mexican
hummous $6.

*Queso Fundido Norteno
fundido: cheese and poblano chiles broiled 'till brown and bubbly - scoop
into warm flour tortillas $6.
Mushroom fundido $7.
Chorizo sausage fundido $7.
Cilantro pesto fundido $7.

"Cicis" Molidos
Mexican hummous: a rustic puree of savory chickpeas with
mexican seasonings & chips to dip $6.

 *Guacamole al Molcajete
Zocalo's award winning Guacamole!
a whole ripe avocado prepared fresh with classic seasonings -
with handmade tortillas and chips $MKT
*Vegetarian dishes
For your convenience an 18% gratuity will be added to parties of six or
We must add a $2 charge for sharing entrees